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We love to hear how deliberate has impacted your life. Check out what some of the Tribe is saying about the deliberate journey!

In this day in age, I believe we are so inundated with so much that our minds are constantly going.  I often say the only thing keeping me from doing more with God is time. Mainly my fault because I fill it to the brim with everything. deliberate reminds me to make time with God a priority. ~ Colette E.

This is a journey of first awareness, then small steps. After reading the lesson about “Enjoying the Gift”, I made a small change that may seem kind of silly. Whenever I leave the house or come home, our cat is usually sitting right there at the table. I now mindfully pet him, giving him a little loving on the way in, and on the way you. It relaxes me and he loves the attention. Sometimes I have my hand on the door knob and I will turn around and walk back into the kitchen. It is deliberate slowing down." ~ Laurie S.



The chapter about “ditching the distracted mind” reminded just how much time I spend (waste) in my head working out a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter in the present moment. The concept in this chapter is powerful and the lessons helped me see where/how I’m more distracted than I’d like. ~ Fran C.

It’s exciting to be one of the first people to read your book and, as a people pleaser, it’s already helping me. I don’t like to say no when I’m asked to do something (assuming I can actually do it).  Recently my sister-in-law, who lives out-of-town, was in a nearby city for business. She asked if I would want to drive down and spend the night with her while she was there.  Of course, I wanted to.  Since we live so far apart I was excited at being able to see her!  But, then I went on to say yes to going to a Barre class with a friend that same morning at 8 am, and I also then committed to a noon lunch meeting at my church. After over-committing myself I realized how exhausting it was going to be.  Why did I do that?  I could have said no, it’s not a good day.  So, I uncommitted myself!  I cancelled the Barre class and the lunch meeting so I wouldn’t be frazzled as I was driving to meet my sister-in-law. And we had a wonderful time together! Thank you, Kathy, for teaching me how to rest.

~ Sheila B.



The lessons in deliberate are transparent and real, and the book communicates sincerely about the importance and acceptance of deliberate being a personal journey. This book is a tool, vehicle and source for potent life change. Thank you for making it so relatable—I am a fellow journey-woman! ~Dede S.



With all of the chapters in deliberate, I find stories that I can relate to and have experienced. Our stories increase with our age and wisdom. The deliberate Book is for all ages! ~ Sue B.



I think everything we do to live a deliberate life funnels us to the experience of God’s love. And there’s nothing more amazing than that. God loves us (so much more than we can ever ask or imagine) when our lives are messy and off-center; teaches us that who we are is so much bigger than any label we try to attach to ourselves; meets us where we are—even in our hurry and busyness; surprises us constantly when we have the eyes to see his little miracles; all this with a love that has the power to banish every fear. ~ Deb M.

deliberate resonates with me right now. I am in a season where I have wrestled with listening to what others have had to say, and sometimes so much so that I have allowed that to make me question my own anointing’s and giftings.  What God says about us is true and it is Amen – He goes before us and prepares the way.  We may not see the way sometimes – others may not see the way sometimes and that is okay too.  Our job is to have faith in the Father and believe in His word.  Then when He speaks promise into our life we stand strong in that place, knowing Father will be faithful to us. ~ Stephanie B.

I think the concept of “identity crisis” will resonate with a lot of readers.  With the technology addictions people have and the social networking pressures, people are always comparing themselves with others “photos, travels, lifestyles”.  This message about labels and identity could really make a difference for some.  Knowing their identity as a child of God is powerful thinking. ~ Cheryl B.

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