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April 11, 2018

At risk of making your brain hurt, here's something I've been thinking about: 

Why do we hold on to the limitations of what we know, instead of embracing the freedom of the unknown?  

I am no expert here. But as an armchair psychologist, I refer to this as the costly paradox of "comfortable pain".

Let's make it real:

Say you're in a job that is bringing death to your life.

Or you're in a relationship that you know is unhealthy.

Or you're continui...

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Hi! I'm Kathy. Thanks for visiting!

I'm a wellness enthusiast, travel buff, mindful bed-maker, and native Missourian with aspirations toward the Colorado mountains. In writing deliberate, I made the somewhat scary leap from speech writer and communication strategist to author. Thanks for joining me!  Read More


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