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Overcome the Overwhelm and
Reclaim Your Breathing Room

deliberate book cover

if you are BURNED OUT, MAXED OUT or STRESSED OUT…there’s a WAY OUT. The pace of today’s world has many of us feeling trapped in a constant state of overwhelm—a blur of too many “yesses,” over-full calendars, and a chronically hurried lifestyle that drives us to depletion. We barely have time to keep our commitments, let alone time to breathe. Thankfully, there’s a way out of the chaos: Awaken to the power of living more deliberately…


One decision at a time.

About the Author

Kathy Broska is a wellness enthusiast, travel buff, mindful bed-maker, and native Missourian with aspirations toward the Colorado mountains. In deliberate, Kathy makes a leap from speech writer and communication strategist to author.

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